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Server Information
Patch 5017 - Classic Leveling Server - Med. Rates

Welcome to Project Throwback, and we're glad you made it here.
We would like to invite you to come hang out, and play with us. We are a classic based leveling server. With awesome events, friendly staff, and constant updates.. Where can you go wrong? So pick up that blade over there, and lets get started today!

Getting started is as simple as
1) Register,
3) Login to play!

If you need any type of support what-so-ever. Please feel free to check us out in our chatbox, or message one of our help desk personal, and we will get you taken care of today! -Skipunk[PM]

Need more info about the server? Check out our features page here, Enjoy!
Event Calendar
Upcoming Events
Met Shower 2016-12-10 12:13:53
Pass The Bomb 2016-12-10 13:00:30
Bomb Madness 2016-12-10 14:00:13
Five N Out 2016-12-10 15:00:36
Patch Notes
Update 1.4.4 - 2016-09-05 18:41:24 Skipunk[PM]

Changes made to Guild Wars!
- Guild Wars is now 4 hours long instead of 12.
- Mid Week GW has now been added and will end at 11:30pm Server time, 30 mins before Meteor Shower begins.

Event Changes / Additions
- You can now join events via command. Please see the forums->guides for more information on the player commands.
- Class PKT will be hosted every friday at 11pm Server time.

New NPC in the market. His name is BlackMarket, He will exchange Celestial Stones & Moonboxes for gold, as well as take your DB's and turn them into meteors.

It will now announce to the server when a socket / second socket is made.

EVERYONE (Over level 40) GETS 1 FREE WEEK OF VIP2 WITH THIS UPDATE! Enjoy! Donator's have been given 2 weeks.

Update 1.4.3 - 2016-08-21 11:56:44 Skipunk[PM]
Changed a few settings in an attempt to fix ingame time.

CruelShade will no longer damage guild poles or gates

Quest system is now finished, and new quests will be released soon.

Small update, but it's a work in progress. Hang in there guys. -Ski

Brand New Website! - 2016-08-21 09:04:59 Skipunk[PM]
Today marks the day that the brand new website has finally be released. It took forever, I know. But it's finally here! Head over to our forums, and let us know what you think about it!
Enjoy guys & gals.


Update - 1.4.2 - 2016-08-14 05:25:57 Skipunk[PM]
Small update to the previous changes in patch 1.4.1.

- Healthwines will no longer be picked up.
- Dance books will also no longer be picked up.
- Few various small bugs have been fixed. (Not related to 1.4.1)
- Item names for the items being picked up should now reflect correctly.

Update - 1.4.1 - 2016-08-13 09:13:42 Skipunk[PM]
Class PK Tourneys are now done & released.
- Halo's award +5% attack vs players & 15% attack vs mobs.
- - Halo's last 1 week.

New scroll commands!
- /scroll as (Takes you to alien serpents)
- /scroll lab1 (Requires 150k Gold to work)
- /scroll lab2 (Requires SkyToken to work)
- /scroll lab3 (Requires EarthToken to work)
- /scroll lab4 (Requires SoulToken to work)

Vip Auto Loot now loots more items!
- Added to the Vip 2 auto looting system are the following items.
- - Emeralds
- - Dance 2 - 8
- - PK Tickets
- - Moonbox Tokens
- - Lab Diamonds
- - FireOfHell
- - Clean Water
- - All Snake King Drops (MeteorScroll\Db\Refined Gem\Super Gem)

Stamina should now regenerate faster then before!

New Autopatcher! - 2016-08-11 23:30:04 Skipunk[PM]
A new autopatcher has been released to help with the ease of auto patching. If you have not downloaded the client since 8/11/2016, then please head over to the downloads page and download the new autopatcher! Thank you!

Another Guild War to Happen 7/11 - 2016-07-10 18:25:56 Skipunk[PM]
Due to the lag that happened with the guild war on 7/10, we will be hosting another one tomorrow 7/11, during normal guild war hours. Sorry for any troubles this has caused you guys. And we hope you can enjoy the next one.


Update - 1.4 - 2016-07-06 04:06:46 Skipunk[PM]
We are proud to announce the release of patch 1.36. Several things in this patch have been fixed, updated and released.

- Website Update - Garments will soon be traded for garm tokens via the website through the player account panel.

- Houses now have furniture capabilities, and we will soon be launching a store where you can purchase furniture items within the game..

- Guild War gates can now be healed one time per owning the pole. You can heal them either when they die, or once they are damaged, pick wisely.

Until next time, enjoy!

Update - 1.36 - 2016-06-27 07:10:01 Skipunk[PM]
We are proud to announce the release of patch 1.36. Several things in this patch have been fixed, updated and released.

- Website Update - The new player account control panel has been released out. This allows you to see some information about your account, as well as a new change password script, change email script, and unstick script.

- Talking to Luna, will now take you to the moon platform.

- You can now learn Tornado from the fire instructor.

- There are 33 'new' garments released into the game.

- Most of the house furniture has been completed.

- You can now team up and let other people into your houses.

- A lot of foundation work laid down for a new upcoming event, which should be fun.

- A lot of other minor bug fixes, not really worth listing out.

Stay tuned for patch 1.4, You guys will see a lot of updates coming to the server quickly.

Update - 1.2 - 2016-05-27 07:45:46 Skipunk[PM]
Update 1.2 is here. In this update, we release a new event, and fix a few different features throughout the game. We also laid down a good majority of the work for another event, which will be much bigger.
  • Fixed the Unknown flag in the market, re-setting up a stall should now work better.
  • Adjusted the transformations with DivineHare.
  • Disconnecting inside the snake king map now takes you back into bird island.
  • Reviving inside of the snake king map now takes you back to BI rather then TC.
  • Reviving inside of DC mine now sends you back to DC rather then TC.
  • PK Points are now capped at 30,000 instead of 1,000.
  • Emerald drop rate has been adjusted, these should now be a bit easier to get.
  • Released the new event 'Treasure Hunt', a guide to it can be found Here.
  • Laid down a lot of ground work for a new bigger event coming soon.
  • A lot of other fixes not really worth noting have also been done, and more to come in the future.
Thanks for sticking around guys, and we look forward to seeing you all here as our future unfolds. - Game on! -Ski

Update - Website, Walk fix, and some other updates. - 2016-05-25 00:41:44 Skipunk[PM]
There have been quite a few updates done on the server, as well as the release of the new website base. I will go over a few, Thanks for the patience and look forward to more updates in the future!
  • Walking will no longer throw off your cordinates.
  • Fixed Pluto Spawn on Dis City
  • Added infinite stamina for Pass the Bomb
  • Enabled the event schedule
  • Fixed bomb madness issue with last player standing
  • Added a set time and duration for guild wars (12 hours)
  • Added decompose to JewelerLau In the market for breaking down refined gems.
  • Meteor Shower has been made to run at 11am/11pm Server Time (Found at the top of the website).

Update - 1.1 - 2016-05-23 07:03:56 Skipunk[PM]
With Update 1.1 rolling out, you can expect to see alot of fixes. As the updates proceed we intend to start releasing new content. Alot of these updates will be in preperation to do so. We look forward to seeing you guys ingame, and keep up the good work. Also, don't forget to tell your friends, and please vote for the server. Helps us get the name out there! Game on!
  • Guilds have been fixed, now all pages should function as normal.
  • You can now kick offline players from your guild
  • Rejoining a guild after leaving/ being kicked, has now been fixed. You should no longer need to restart the client
  • Items with 0 dura no longer give you any attack / defense stats. You must repair them to get these back.
  • Dura repair costs have now been fixed, and will cost what is displayed on the client
  • The extra bank slots that you purchase in the market, next the warehouseman, are now extended to 40 slots each.
  • Invisibility will now work properly, and remove monsters who have already targetted you from seeing you any longer.
  • Rage's AOE has been reduced, as it was a lot bigger then it should have been.
  • Barber now charges you gold to change your appearance.
  • Pulling items out of your warehouse too quickly sometimes ended up in a item malfunction. This has now been fixed.
  • Characters in jail now drop ores.
  • Titan and Gano now drop item rewards.

New Website - 2016-05-21 23:45:17 Skipunk[PM]
We are proud to announce that the new website has been recoded and released. Sorry for the delays. It doesn't look much different, but will be much more effecient as far as informing players on updates, and a lot more. We hope you guys enjoy it. -Ski

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